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Perhaps you have thought of buying a truck overseas. Whatever your reason may be you are not alone. There are many people who at some point in their lives have found themselves searching for ways to transport their vehicles. If you are looking into shipping a truck, only one company offers the best shipping truck services; 1Transport.

1Transport is an American based company that offers multiple shipping agent services. With years of experience and a large client base, 1Transport can deliver your vehicle fast, efficiently and at an affordable cost. The company not only delivers your vehicle but will walk you through the entire process of shipping ensuring that you worry not. So, if you are considering shipping a truck, here are some tips that will help.



It is important to note that shipping a truck bears some differences than shipping a car. Because trucks are bigger they take up much more space. Additionally, trucks are bulky and heavier which requires special transport carriers, and even different types of drivers with various experiences to best handle the shipping process. Apart from this, there are other factors to consider:


When shipping a truck, one must consider the delivery distance. For most companies the longer the distance, the higher the fee. With 1Transport, distance is not a problem. This is because whereas small cars can be moved on smaller carriers that move along the local highways, trucks can only be transported on roadways. Although the rates for shipping may vary by season, the cost will be lower for every extra mile travelled. Therefore you don’t have to worry about shipping your truck across different states.


Carriers come in either open or closed designs. The open carrier is usually the more affordable choice. However, this carrier is considered the riskiest choice since the vehicles are exposed to the elements such as wind and rain. If searching for a higher quality service that will cost more money, 1Transport offers closed carrier services too. These enclosed carriers guarantee safety for whatever is inside.


Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be semi-trailers, double cabins, box truck, flatbed and the list continues. It is important to note that small trucks are lighter and may fit in smaller carriers. Also, modified trucks such as those with oversized tires may require special care. This should not burden you as 1Transport has the best experience in handling such trucks. You can be assured that no matter the type of the truck 1Transport will transport it for you in the most efficient way possible.


So, you have made all the decisions, and you are now ready to start shipping. How then do you start the process? Here is the step-by-step process of shipping a truck.

Fill the online form and get a free quote 

This step will help you know how much you need to plan for to ship your truck and it’s free of charge to get an immediate quote!

Book the shipping date and make payments
After filling the online form you will be directed to the company website, or you can call the toll free number which will direct you to a customer care agent. Here you can make the necessary arrangements for pick up. You can also get all your questions answered with a live person agent.
Prepare your truck for shipping
This entails cleaning the car and removing any personal items. The truck’s gas tank should also have only the minimum allowed amount of fuel. Any loose parts that are not bolted as well as antennas must be removed. Take photos of the truck in case on delivery you receive it with damages.
Truck Pick-up
You can either choose to take your vehicle to one of our centers or depots, or choose to meet the pick-up truck at a convenient location. This will save you some money. You can also choose to have it picked up from your chosen residence as long as it is accessible to the pick-up truck. You will do an inspection with the driver and sort out all paperwork. Then once the car is loaded, you are required to sign a contract as proof of handover.

The process of transporting your truck will be affected by factors such as speed limits set by different states, weather and road conditions. If the truck is being shipped overseas, time considerations must be made for possible delays at the port. However, in case of any delay, the client will be informed in advance. Also, real-time online tracking will be provided for the client. It is also likely the driver will be in touch with you on a daily basis.

The client can choose to pick up the vehicle or have it delivered to them depending on the accessibility of the delivery location. Home deliveries will have an additional fee. Once the client receives the truck, they will be required to sign a form to confirm receipt. This follows an additional post delivery inspection.

All it takes is to fill the form online and get free quotes from our sales desk. You can also check out transportation costs for truck transport by using the quote calculator.

If you are looking to ship, 1Transport is the best option at finding you the best shipping services for your budget and personal needs. You can be assured of affordable prices, safety, and all round best services. 1Transport promises the best transporting equipment and well-trained personnel. If you desire to try auto transport, don’t fret. You can rely on 1Transport.