Carriers vs. Brokers:
What's the difference?

One thing that you have to know is that carriers and brokers are two different things. Brokers are basically in charge of the marketing aspect, while carriers are the ones in charge of the actual logistics.


A closer look at Brokers

Brokers play a big role in the auto transport industry because they’re known to have a wide connection of networks and leads. So, in this case, they are the ones in charge of advertising the industry’s products and services, marketing, and even communicating with the clients directly.


• Options

Brokers have many connections so that means they have a lot of access to different kinds of trucks and shipping vehicles.

• Knowledge

Unlike carriers that are focused on operations, brokers continually equip themselves with knowledge that they can impart to their present and future clients.

• Efficient communication

Good brokers are always easy to talk to and are always ready to address your concerns. Since they are trained to talk to people in marketing their services and products, customers reaching out aren’t a problem with brokers.

• Accessible

Whatever your concern is, may it be wanting to know the status of your vehicle, to vehicle damages and insurance, they’re always ready to listen.


• Inconsistent

One of the common criticisms that brokers get is their inconsistency in many aspects. They’re so good at talking and convincing clients that it often only comes up as all talk and no action.

A closer look at Carriers

One of the main differences between brokers and carriers is that carriers have the shipping vehicles, brokers don’t. That’s why they’re called carriers in the first place. Unlike brokers, carriers don’t have the luxury of time to market their products and services despite having a big company and a full staff.


• Proven and Trusted

Dealing with carriers means that you’re talking to the one who will be in charged of your vehicle. So, you don’t have to worry about companies who only disguise themselves as carriers.

• Direct tags

The price that you and the carrier agreed on stays the same even after transaction. There will be no hidden charges if you deal with a carrier.


• Inefficient Communication

Since carriers are operation based, most of their manpower are operation based as well, so it’s not necessarily their priority to have an updated and efficient communication with their clients. If you want an update on the location of your vehicle, they cannot respond immediately, or worse, they cannot respond at all. Their priority is your vehicle, not you per se.

• Not Prioritized

The income of most carriers usually comes from car dealerships, so if you’re a private vehicle owner, and would like to have your vehicle shipped, you’re just another irregular customer.

What to pick

It is known to many that brokers have had its fair share of being given a bad reputation because of their selfish intentions just to generate sales, however, you also have to understand that not all brokers are this way, especially in today’s time. These days, a lot of brokers are known to be genuine and would really follow through their promises. However, if you’re convinced that brokers only exist to fool you, and you don’t mind paying an extra amount of money to book a carrier directly, then we suggest inquiring with a carrier instead.