Exotic Vehicle Transport


Nothing is more disappointing than shipping a treasured exotic vehicle or purchasing a luxury car and finding scratches or scuff marks due to harsh handling. To avoid bad experiences like these, you need to be keen when selecting a shipping company. Whether you are transporting a classic car or exotic vehicle, you need a company that prioritizes the car and customer together.

Shipping with 1Transport

1Transport is the best solution if you are looking for competent and exceptional shipping services in the continental United States. The company’s primary goal is to leave all their customers fully-satisfied with their timely services and professional team members; two of the many reasons why it is among the top rated shipping firms. 1Transport understands the auto shipping market well and is able to serve clients based on experience too. Here are common problems that you can avoid when seeking multiple vehicle transport services from 1Transport:

• Damages such as cracked glass, scratches, and dents
• Expensive charges for off-route destinations
• Poor communication between the driver and customer
• Incorrect quotes especially as a result of location misunderstanding Late deliveries

Here are common solution services 1Transport provides when considering exotic vehicle transportation:

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Open and Enclosed Transport

Both the open and enclosed auto transport solutions have unique cons and pros. When you go for the open car shipping, your car might arrive dusty after travelling for a few miles; however, it has several advantages.

 • It is cheaper compared to the covered car shipping
 • Holds more vehicles and is more preferable for multiple vehicle transport.

Closed car shipping is perfect here in the case of exotic vehicles and classic cars because the carriers are enclosed trailers:

  • The roof, together with the four sided crate protects the vehicle from physical damage
 • Debris and harsh weather will not affect the vehicle
 • It protects the highly prized exotic vehicle from theft or any other risk.

Open and Enclosed Transport

Multiple Vehicle Transportation

It is profitable to transport many vehicles in one sitting, especially if you are a car collector or dealer; less time is spent between deliveries and pickups and lots of money is saved in the long run. 1Transport is the best choice for multiple vehicle transportation services. 1Transport has provided multiple auto transport services to include fleet management firms, auto dealerships, and countless private car collectors.

Multiple Vehicle Transportation

Door-to-Door Transport

Normally, shipping companies drop the client’s vehicle at a certain terminal for the owner to pick it up. 1Transport does things differently; they can drop your vehicle at your most convenient location with their door-to-door transport service.

Door-to-Door Transport

Why Choose 1Transport

Opt for services from 1Transport for these reasons:


The company has operated for long time, making it very experienced and aware of the growing car shipping market


They offer personalized services to the clients; the company’s representatives deal with clients one-on-one giving them all the details and issues as they arise


1Transport’s services are reliable; you will be served any day of the week.


The company is committed at fulfilling clients’ needs swiftly and professionally.

How to Get Started with 1Transport

It is simple and straightforward to get a free quote; all you need to do is to fill an online 1Transport form to request a free quote. Your needs will be addressed promptly by an experienced transport expert who will give you a competitive, customized quote. Feel free to make any inquiries at 1Transport; there are many ready-to-help shipping advisors to guide you through.

The company ships almost all sorts of automobiles including, trucks, caravans, yachts, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and SUVs. 1Transport, unlike its competitors, takes over all the tedious planning process for their clients.

They will plan the shipping process from the start until the vehicle is delivered to the owner. This is done by a 1Transport representative who sticks with the clients as the car is picked up until the final stage. He/she updates the customers about every issue that arises to guarantee them the peace of mind. Or if there are no issues, which is what likely is the case, the representative contacts the customer just to say everything is going smoothly.

Auto transportation is not an expensive process. The prices vary depending on many factors such as the distance and type of vehicle being transported. Contact 1Transport for a free quote and how to learn about their affordable charges.