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1Transport is the company to trust for Freight Transportation worldwide. It is not about the respect we earn or the reputation we have, but it is about the relationship we build with our clients that make working with us the best, whether transporting goods by air, land, or sea.

Freight transportation offered

Air Freight

1Transport serves significant customers around the globe ensuring it meets our client’s shipping needs on time while assuring your customers of the safety for their merchandise. Air Freight Transportation is a costly option for items that need immediate and urgent, or timely delivery. However, the customer depends on safe and fast delivery, making this option the first one to consider.

Sea Freight

Offering reliable sailing times, 1Transport ensures that cargo arrives at its right port destination and within the expected timeframe.

Land Freight

This service is handled by professional drivers with reputable expertise and many years of service on the road. Prices for shipping are estimated and can vary depending on the season during shipment or the type of good being transported. Ground or land freight transport may be expensive due to extra charges that may be incurred on the road, and it is there advisable to use sea freight transport to save on cost. Extra costs include insurances, customs, toll fees, and other licensing related issues.

Freight shipping key concepts to know

Full truckload

This is moving bulk loads that are large enough to vindicate the use of an entire trailer. This tends to be cost effective as it reduces the chances of freight damage with less handling.

This involves relying on a combination of both rail and truck for shipping, and further includes train transport savings costs on fuel. This is a lower cost in the end to ship it this way.
Partial truckload

This gives clients the option of splitting the cost with other shippers or customers and hence saving on the cost that would have been incurred when shipped alone.

Less than truckload
This type of mode was created to accommodate shipments that are larger than the standard parcel delivery.

This is in case of emergencies where the cargo has to be transported quickly and is usually done by air.


What can be shipped through freight transportation?

Freight can be used to transport just about anything although 1Transport specializes in certain types of cargo such as automobiles with the various available options that ensure goods arrive safely at the intended destination and in the right time.

Challenges faced by shippers using freight shipping to move cargo


Delay costs

Customs and border exams, inspections, and other holds tend to result in delays which in turn leads to delay-related charges. We will ensure complete understanding on behalf of the customer for the different delay charges in order to best negotiate a price with the other companies.


Cargo damage

It is not peculiar to find cargo damaged on arrival due to improper packing or storage. It is our job to make sure the load is properly secured in the container or plane or on the truck delivering it.


Unanticipated occurrences

These include strikes by port workers or the truckers and can happen at the origin or destination and is bound to cause delays or other complications.


Lost containers

Ports contain a significant amount of containers stacked together at the terminals, and one or two might end up missing especially after being discharged. Looking for such a container in a large shelf of many multi colored ones may not be as easy as it seems.


Missing documents

Documents may be misplaced by shippers which is a standard human error. However, in such a case, complications arising after the release of the containers may lead to unintended delays.

At 1Transport, these complications and challenges are understood and we are prepared for anything. We customize and prepare measures to help with such situations so that clients can be entirely satisfied.

Factors to consider when choosing the best freight service provider

Level of experience

On-time delivery is crucial for the provider’s efficiency as well as the client’s requirements. It is therefore recommended to select a freight shipper with extensive experience in the areas of most concern. In addition to this, the same company needs to have a reputable track record with its clients because those service providers that express excellent customer services are likely to deliver the same quality of services.

Cost incurred

The cost to be incurred during shipment is a critical parameter when it comes to Freight Transportation. Competition between shipping service providers is intense, and in the midst of it all, budgets make a difference.

Technology used

Clients will find out that shipping companies with a vital experience tend to use the latest form of technology to offer their services. As a customer, one needs constant access to information about their area of transportation and ensure that this information is just a click away to keep track of their products.

Ease of customization

If a client is searching for the perfect shipping company, they should look for one that leverages its experience and expertise in finding a way to customize their special shipping needs. The client’s requirements should be the company’s top priority, and this should motivate the service provider to formulate new ideas of catering to customers’ requirements.

The expertise of the company in the industry

Go with the experts. At the end of the day it might cost more money but it will be worth it. Another alternative may be to hire a company that deals with both local and international shipping services such as a broker like us. 1Transport has seen all sides of the shipping industry and is prepared to find a perfect match.


Requirements for shipping via a freight

Various freight documentations are required when shipping cargo, and they vary depending on the client’s means of transportation, and they include:

Air Waybill (Air Freight)

Shipping label (Sea Freight)

Packing list (Customs invoice)

Drop-off at Receiving center/ Drop-off Depot

Optional Collection Services

Bill of Lading (for Sea Freight)

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