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Before settling on your shipping company, due diligence can save you many headaches. It can be tricky for first-timers trying to get a company they can trust. To save you future problems get the answers you need, get it done; auto transport questions that will ease your mind:


1. Is the company registered?
2. Is this company safe?
3. How long does the shipping take?
4. What documentation do I need to ship my car?
5. What insurance does the vehicle shipper provide?
6. How much does it cost to transport a car?
7. What shipping restrictions apply when shipping classic cars or special vehicles?

1Transport is the only shipping company that answers these questions and meets a customer’s expectations for a positive customer service experience. The company process of shipping is very swift and provides its customers with all details start to finish. Even during the shipping process, customers are regularly updated about the progress. 1Transport is a nationwide broker that is trusted across the USA.

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Get it done with 1Transport. 1Transport is a well-rounded auto shipping center providing premium services for local and global shipping needs. It is among the few companies that allow customers to work directly with their customers and guide them one-on-one. Their main desire is to take care of your greatest life investment: taking care of your vehicle.

Once you get all those questions answered above, you will need to select the type of shipping service you need. Some of the services that you’ll enjoy include:

International Vehicle Transport

International vehicle transport

1Transport currently offers shipping outside the United States. Trust in knowing that with experience and licensure, the company is prepared to manage sending your car or other vehicle onto a ship without any mishandling. 1Transport will walk with you through the entire process with guaranteed updates, and immediately notifications if there is a change of route or a problem with the delivery. Customer service is also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide answers to all of your questions. Shipping a car by water is usually for bigger businesses and other companies that need fleets of cars.

Enclosed or Covered Vehicle Transport

Enclosed or covered vehicle transport

1Transport works with additional top of the line companies that offer fast and reliable enclosed auto transport and car shipping services. This applies to expensive vehicles and classic cars, or fleets. Enclosed transport is the safest way to delivery a car because it is free of potential risks on the road, external of the truck. 1Transport offers this service so that you can feel at ease with your car delivery.

Motorcycle Transport

Special Cases: Motorcycles Transport

Additionally, 1Transport offers motorcycle and motor tricycle shipping. 1Transport has experience delivering collector bikes, as well as participants for auto shows, dealers, travelers, and motorcycle enthusiasts. Click for a free quote to see how much shipping a bike will cost you.

RVs and Motorhomes Transport

Special Cases: RVs and Motorhomes

1Transport also offers RVs transportation throughout the United States and overseas. 1Transpot agents help deliver a customized RV transport package which can be suitable for all people including families, businesses, and personal usage.

Boats and Yachts Transport

Special Cases: Boats and Yachts (Domestic and overseas)

If you are wondering how to get your boat transported from one location to another safely, 1Transport is the right solution for you. Full-service domestic and international boat shipping is reliable and just as fast as delivering a car. Boats and yacht transport services are suitable for all people including private, business, and hotel services.


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