Motorcycle Transport


1Transport is one of the most trusted auto transport company in the United States that can accommodate all your transport requests. As a trusted leader in the auto transport industry, 1Transport is licensed and fully insured, thus offering you peace while transporting your vehicle or motorcycle.

1Transport has made it easy for you! If you are like most of the owners, your bike requires experts to handle it start to finish during its transport. 1Transport caters to all the client needs irrespective of the model of the bike.

Whether you want a car or motorcycle transported, 1Transport will provide flexible coverage, multiple options, and international coverage if needed. Price and time for transit can vary depending on the season of transportation. Moreover, the weight of the bike and the type of motorcycle that you are shipping can alter costs. 1Transport provides additional coverage during transit.

Some motorcycle enthusiasts are selling, while others are buying and need the bike delivered to their desired destination. Others are on vacation and would like to bring their bikes wherever they go. Whichever the case, all 1Transport customers expect their bikes to be transported safely and risk-free.

Your motorcycle can be shipped on a trailer pulled behind a vehicle, put on a single flatbed or a semi-truck. 1Transport also offers enclosed auto transport and open auto transport for bikes.

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Enclosed auto transport

One the safest and secure ways to transport your bike is using 1Transport enclosed auto transport. The shipping option ensures that your bike is protected from environmental elements and other damage that may occur during transit.

Open Auto transport

An open carrier is also an option provided to motorists who are comfortable exposing their motorcycles to weather conditions. 1Transport ensures that your bike is securely strapped on a flatbed or a trailer.

Door to Door Transport

It is precisely what the title suggests. 1Transport drivers will pick up your bike exactly from the home location and directly transport it to the destination.

White Glove Shipping

A white glove is a carriage option that allows your bike to be loaded into a pallet (custom built) before moving to an enclosed carrier.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

This is a cost-effective option especially if you are transporting internationally. It means having to pick your motorcycle at the nearest depot. However, if you are to use this option, 1Transport requests that the customers check their proximity to the terminals before making a decision. The client is also expected to drive their motorcycle to the drop-off location too.

Crated Shipping

1Transport recommends a crate for shipping if you are moving bikes by water. It involves securing your bike in a pallet and then loading it into a crate. If you choose this option, 1Transport professionals will make some preparations such as draining the fuel tank, removing the mirrors and the handlebars. There is also additional insurance recommended to purchase.

Tracking Services

Tracking Services 1Transport allows you to check or track your shipment anytime.

Preparing your Motorcycle for Transport

Wash your motorcycle

Clean the dust and deposit before transportation. With a clean bike, it will be easier to notice, scratches and dents that occur during transportation and before with the inspection.


Remove Accessories

If you have modified your bike with customs accessories, 1Transport recommend that you remove them prior to shipping. Modifications may increase the weight of your motorcycle and may also cause damage during transport.


1/4 Gas Reading

1Transport recommend that you ensure your gas tank reading is not above 1/4 before transport. Having a full gas will increase the weight of the bike and may risk the transportation process. It also is dangerous and could cause an explosion if exposed to various weather conditions.


Disable Alarm

It may seem obvious, but it’s easier to forget. Disable the alarm and ensure you remain friendly with the movers.


Check tires, and fluid level

1Transport recommend the customers to properly inflate their tires and check for leaks before transportation of the bike.

1Transport is among the leading auto transport brokers providing the best resources for your motorcycle transport. Offering state of the art packaging and shipping procedures, competitive prices in the auto transport industry and unmatched customer assistance, 1Transport will ensure that your motorcycle arrives at your desired destination. Call 1Transport and request a free motorcycle shipping quote!