Multiple Vehicle Transport


Transporting a vehicle is not an overly complicated process, though it may seem challenging for the first time. Shipping just one car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle is a process of collecting the necessary information and contacting the right people; in this case automotive transport companies.

Yet when you want to send more than one car, seemingly a fleet, multiple vehicles, you need the best car shipping company that is safe and timely. The main concern of customers is to have a hassle-free car transport experience. A good car shipping company will deliver any vehicle from point A to point B. However, the best car transporter will also help the customer transition during the move with all the necessary customer service needs provided.

1Transport is a globally trusted car shipping broker with experienced and professional staff working around the clock to ensure each customer has a positive shipping experience. They are not just a good shipping company but one of the best multiple vehicle transport services available on the market.

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Auto Shipment

During the shipment stage, 1Transport will handle all the logistics of the transport process. This will include cateloguing all of the vehicles being delivered, all the location destinations, the number of stops between deliveries, and also the fastest maps that save on gas. No car dealer or autoshow vendor should feel concerned that their cars are mishandled in the process. As a multi-car shipper, 1Transport takes care of the cars and the customers.


Does your multi car options change?

Does your multi car options change? Unlike individual vehicle services that make it easy to provide door-to-door and enclosed shipping options, when sending fleets, it is much easier and cheaper to elect for the open auto transport trailers. Furthermore, terminal-to-terminal car delivery is the best option because a fleet is usually not shipping classic cars and a fleet is not going to a residence. So in theory if you are planning a multiple vehicle transport you will want to do it with ease and save at the same time.


Prepare your cars

If the cars are coming directly from a factory there will be little preparation needed. Typically the arrangement to pick up the cars and the delivery location is all that is required. However, if you are delivering between dealerships or even sending a fleet of leased cars, or rentals, you may be required to clean them out, but also have them ready for the road.


Car Delivery

The final step of the process is the delivery of your vehicles. Car shipment delivery varies based on the type of transportation you’ve selected (terminal or door) but as mentioned earlier it is likelier that you will be shipping these multiple vehicles to one central area, if not a terminal, then certainly a dealership or warehouse. The driver also is not going to necessary require you be present for the delivery, but will need someone to sign over the paperwork.

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There are also myths about car shipping that can skew your expectations for the shipment process. Your auto shipper should ensure expert communication, protection and accuracy throughout the process. They will provide the best information, updates and adjustments when necessary, whether you’re transporting your vehicle for the winter and a need to plan around a snowstorm, or you’re trying to ship your motorcycle to your new home before your road trip with your family and closing on your home gets delayed. It’s important to have contact with the driver shipping your vehicles, and 1Transport will broker you the best deals available!