Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping
– How do you decide?

Auto Transport companies make it convenient for car owners to ship their car to any location of their choice. But you get to say how your vehicle gets transported, depending on the shipping methods offered by the company.

Most vehicles move through tractor trailers and have two different kinds – open and enclosed. While similar in nature, they have their differences. We’ll discuss further.

You’ve probably seen a big truck, on the road, loaded with around five to ten cars. And you get this fear that one of those cars may fall of the truck in any instant.

This fear must stop. Because it’s not happening with 1Transport.

97% of all vehicle shipments go for Open shipping. This must mean it’s safe.

But if you plan to have your expensive automobile shipped, then go for Enclosed. It will cost you more, but your vehicle is 100% safe. You don’t want your $300,000 car out in the open, do you? Let us elaborate so we know what’s best for your vehicle.

Open Auto Transport

One of the most commonly used method, 1Transport’s Open Auto Transport service can guarantee safe shipping of your car in the location of your choice. Our carriers for this service can accommodate at most, 10 cars. We never use tow trucks. We make sure your wheels don’t touch the ground.


• A popular, standard choice

The Open Auto Transport service became one of the most popular choice for owners who would like to ship their vehicles not only because it’s cheap, but also because it’s proven to be reliable.

• Cheaper

One of the main advantages of availing of Open Auto Transport services is that it is cheaper compared to the others. But despite this, it doesn’t make the service lesser in quality. It is still one the most trusted and most availed type of auto transport service.

• Friendly to everyday vehicle condition

If you use your car everyday, and don’t mind having it exposed in an open truck, then you wouldn’t have a problem with Open Auto Transport. Having it shipped via this service is the same as driving it, except this time, you’re not!

• More available drivers

Drivers for Open Auto Transport have more available drivers because it’s the standard mode of shipping a vehicle. So, with this service, you don’t have to worry about availability.


• Multiple stops

If you’re having only one vehicle shipped, chances are, your car is in one carrier along with other cars. Meaning, the carrier is bound to go to different locations depending on where each of these cars will be dropped off. There’s a big chance that your vehicle will be a priority but there’s also a big chance that this will not happen. Another factor is that the vehicle owner is expected to pick up their vehicles at these said locations. Usually, these locations are designated terminals initiated by the auto transport company. If you’re not willing to go all the way to the terminal assigned to your vehicle, open transport may not be ideal for you.

• Prone to road hazards

When a big open carrier is on the road, carrying more than five vehicles, it’s a given that it’s already at the risk of possible road hazards. A typical sedan can get into road hazards, how much more a large vehicle carrying other vehicles?

• Prone to bad weather

Open car transport means that your car is out in the open. If it’s raining, then your car will be drenched in water, if it’s not, then it will be exposed to direct sunlight. If these things are none of your concern, then go for open car transport where you can save more costs.

What you can choose from

1. double level multi-car trailer – mostly used
2. single level multi-car trailer – usually booked for special cars
3. single-vehicle dully truck with a tow trailer – used for nearby shipping locations

When to use open car transport

If you’re a car dealer and would like to ship as many cars all at the same time, we suggest that you go for open car transport because it can accommodate many cars. Going for this option will guarantee you a cheaper rate, plus it’s more practical. It’s also best to go for open transport if you would like to have your everyday vehicle shipped.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Built with four solid walls, 1Transport’s Enclosed Auto Transport service gives your vehicle the maximum protection it needs. Its carriers have the same size as the open ones but can only accommodate fewer vehicles. This is availed by classic car owners who want to ship their cars somewhere else.


• Best choice for rare cars

There are many different vehicles being shipped from all over states and cities, and one of which are sports cars or classic cars. That is why that you go for enclosed auto transport to assure the safety and protection of your vehicle.

• No road hazards

With enclosed auto transport, there’s a lesser chance of encountering road hazards because this service only carries less than five vehicles, or even one vehicle.

• Bad weather? No problem

If your vehicle is being shipped with enclosed auto transport, your car is protected by four walls. Rain or shine, our drivers will get to the agreed location as soon as possible. But there are some cases where in the weather gets too intense and it will get too dangerous if the driver proceeds. If this happens, there is a big chance that your vehicle’s delivery will be delayed. But don’t worry, our customer service is available 24/7 and you can check your car’s status anytime.


• More expensive

Maximum protection for your vehicle also entails more costs. Simply put: the best things in life are not free, but we can assure you that there is value for your money.

• Not advisable for cars of lower value

It may not be too practical for someone who owns an 8-year old sedan to avail of an enclosed auto transport because it is not wise. You will definitely be spending more.

• It can only accommodate few vehicles

Unlike the open auto transport, this can only carry a maximum of five vehicles. Because of its protective walls, it has a very limited space.

What you can choose from

1. Multi-car carrier enclosed trailer
2. Single car enclosed trailer

When to use enclosed car transport

It is most suitable to use enclosed car transport if your vehicle calls for more protection. If you plan to have your classic car shipped, it definitely requires extra protection such as minor and major weather elements. Shipping via enclosed car transport also means that only a minimum number of cars are loaded, which also guarantees more protection since the cars won’t crowd up.