Open/Enclosed Transport

The typical car carrier that you see on the road is an open car carrier. Open trailers are exposed to the elements and the vehicles usually arrive very dirty when traveling more than a few hundred miles.

Enclosed vehicle transport (also known as covered or closed car shipping) uses enclosed trailers with walls to ship your vehicles. These trailers hold fewer vehicles than an open trailer and can be 50%-100% more expensive. Trailers used for covered auto transport will usually have a large cargo insurance limit, since they are generally used to transport exotic cars, classic cars and high value cars in general.


Motorcycle Transport

At bike festivals, and bike weeks all across the country, hundreds of bike enthusiast turn to 1TRANSPORT Inc® to ship their motorcycles cross country and from state to state. Our loyal base of repeat clients demonstrates the quality of work and dedication we put into motorbike shipping every time we move one. Add to that our capability to cater to over-sized choppers and bikes, as a custom-made chopper could take more space than a regular bike and will need special straps and cushions to keep it balanced and safe during transport.

Multiple Vehicle Transport

1Transport has been working with private customers, auto dealerships, and fleet management companies since 2006. Multiple vehicle transport is one of the things we excel at. If you’re ready to move, give us a call at 1 (877) 571-1088. If not, read on to learn more about our multiple vehicle transport services. Shipping more than one vehicle at a time will not only lower the price, but it will often speed up the time between pickup and delivery. A good portion of a driver’s time is spent loading and unloading vehicles. If there are less stops, the cars will arrive a little quicker.


Door-to-Door Transport

It’s a standard procedure for auto transport companies to drop off all shipped vehicles at a common terminal. After the vehicle is dropped off, it will be picked up by the owner. This is the common choice not only because it’s a standard, but also due to its affordability. But there’s now a hassle-free solution. You can have your vehicle delivered or picked up right at your location of choice with door-to-door transport. Door-to-door transport is a shipping method where in the auto transport company picks up or delivers your vehicle near you. In some cases, your vehicle can even be delivered right infront of your door if feasible.