South Beach Transport

1Transport is a customer focused auto transport broker that makes transporting your vehicle stress-free. The company uses advanced technology during car shipping that allows you to know where the vehicle is at any given time. Whether you are in Florida looking for South Beach transport services, or across the country looking to bring in a fleet of leasing cars, 1Transport will find you the best price for services. The professionals have many years of experience and knowledge which when combined ensures smooth car delivery services for all the clients.

Car Shipping Process

Car shipping basically is a matter of collecting vehicle information such as insurance and delivery details and contacting the right vehicle shipping agent. Here are steps on how to ensure that the shipping process runs smoothly:

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Schedule the process in advance

To ensure timely and efficient delivery, contact 1Transport as far in advance as possibly known.

Clean the car

The vehicle needs to be free of any personal items during transport. 1Transport ensures that all the trailers whether enclosed or open, meet the weight requirement. Failure to remove personal belongings may result in more cost or cause delay during transport.

Delivering the Vehicle

1Transport offers door to door delivery services which allows your car to be picked from its current location and delivered to the desired location. If the truck is unable to access your pickup location, 1Transport will request you to pick a desirable terminal where you can drop off or pick up your car.

Inspect the Vehicle

1Transport recommends that you create a checklist and present it to their professionals for an acknowledgement before transit.

Loading and securing the vehicle

The car is carefully loaded on the truck and secured using straps for safe transportation.


1Transport offers transportation across the country but limits the drivers to 500 miles per day due to safety reasons.

Picking the vehicle or delivery

With 1Transport, you can choose to pick the vehicle your vehicle from the transport terminals or have it delivered your house, at an extra cost.

Why choose 1Transport car transporter?

This includes individuals who are relocating to another part of the country by choice or due to job possibilities. Using 1Transport car transporter is cheaper and less stressful than driving your vehicle across the country. Moreover, 1Transport negotiates on your behalf for the best offers.

Car dealerships

Car and motorcycle dealers are always moving the vehicles from one location to the other. Whether you are moving from dealer to auction, dealer to dealer or dealer to customer, 1Tranport is the best option for you. 1Transport makes the process smoother and faster by providing an alternative to ship more than one vehicle.

Student vehicle transport

Are you moving away from school? 1Tranport will carefully transport the car to your college campus. Be sure you take advantage of students discounts given by 1Transport.

Military Transport

Military members are often required to relocate to different places. 1Transport provides shipping services for members of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force around the world.


Whatever the season, 1Transport will get your vehicle where you want it to be. Whether you are moving your motorcycle, sports car or exotic car, 1Transport will keep your investment safe during transit periods.

1Transport meets all your shipping needs!

1Transport has the best option designed to meet all your vehicle shipping needs. Aware that each car has different unique transport needs, 1Transport professionals will create a plan that meets all your requirements. Whether you are looking for local vehicle transport services or nationwide transport service, 1Transport is at your service. Contact today for a free quote!